VAS 5054A ODIS over VAS-PC V19

Here are some interesting opinions of more experienced users with VAS 5054A ODIS VAS-PC.

vas-5054a-ODIS VAS5054A-VAS-PC
1) Need (or no) to install VAS UDS additional exe files ?

Answer : (For VAS-PC v19 and WinXP)

For old Adapter = VID_077E&PID_0220 = Not Need
Device Name = Softing Vehicle Interface \ VAS5054
DRV = C:/SIDIS/home/DBaseSys2/Driver/EDIC/win2000 (Default VAS-PC v19)

For new adapter ( v2.05 ) = VID_0403&PID_6001 = Need !!!
Device Name = VAS5054 BUS
DRV = REQUIRED = VAS5054A UDS Redist Drivers Package
After Install Drv Path = C:\Program Files\VCI\USB

2) Default D-PDU API = v1.10 (for Vas-Pc v19.01.01) …
Need (or no) update it to v1.23 ?

Answer : (may be for ODIS only …)
Good China adapter must work to API 1.35
Bad China adapter don’t work after API 1.20 … 1.23
Version reduced if the adapter can not communicate with the car …
For change path = may be here ? : pdu_api_root.xml

3) Will both of these programs work on the same PC ?

Answer : Yes, if the condition is fulfilled …
3a = Adapter VAS5054 have the same setting in both soft’s
3b = ImporterID , DealerID have the same setting in both soft’s
3c = If VAS-PC v19.01.01 = It should be no problem …
3d = If VAS-PC NOT v19.01.01 = Install VAS-PC, ODIS, Re-Install VAS-PC (or recovery)

4) What should I do before starting the installation ?

Answer : for ODIS ; nothing special … Clean new OS Win7 …
Install Java j2sdk-1_4_2_15 or j2re-1_4_2_15 (reccomended by VAG)
Edit License (to match to PC)


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