How to Decode Audio for Benz via Digimaster 3

Digimaster III Odometer correction master (also called Digimaster 3 or shortly D3) is a developed device supporting multi-function includes audio decoding, odometer correction, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO and key programming for Benz and BMW etc.
Digimaster III Odometer correction master-1
While, among various functions, here I share only how to perform audio decoding function for Benz via Digimaster 3

We know that if the vehicle powers off as a result of battery damage, the audio will start anti-theft system automatically.

Digimaster III mileage programmer can calculate the audio code out or initialize it. The following list of vehicle makes all support audio decoding function (Here we take Benz as an example).
Digimaster III Odometer correction master-2
Select Benz to decode and then de-solder the corresponding chip based on the computer software prompts;
Click “Next” to begin decoding;
Digimaster III Odometer correction master-3
Don’t forget the code inside the appeared dialogue box;
Click “Next”, the code was written inside the chip.
Digimaster III Odometer correction master-4
Use this new code to decode the audio;
Solder the chip back to the board;

Address Code
These models only have to short-circuit some welding spot to reset the code. The software will give a particular strategy.

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