Mercedes Online/Offline SCN coding which Star tool HDD

Mercedes Benz online and offline SCN coding service are available in But the MB Star diagnosis Online and Offline coding software cannot fit all software HDD.

Which year Star diagnostic software HDD is possible to open online or offline coding function?
1) Mercedes Benz MB STAR diagnosis software HDD/hard drive before 2013, support both Online and Offline SCN coding

2) Star diagnosis software during 2013 and 2014.07 support offline SCN coding only, cannot support online SCN coding

3) 2014.07 to 2015.01 software HDD support neither online nor offline SCN coding

4) 2015.05V current newest software supports online programming only

Online SCN Coding software is compatible with Super MB STAR C3 and SD Connect Compact 4 multiplexers.
DAS Offline SCN coding is compatible with MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic system only.

Only after open online/offline scn coding function, can the programming menu display
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