Honda HDS HIM V3.015.020 Free Download and Setup Guide

Newest Honda HDS HIM V3.015.020 is verified working well by users, device available at:
HDS HIM V3.015.020 features:
1.HDS HIM V3.015.020 covers vehicles up to 2015 year
2.Add Z-TEK USB 1.1 to RS232 convert cable, If your laptop is RS232 COM port while you need to use USB 1.1 port device, you can use this cable to convert. Buy separate for €12.4 free shipping at:
HIM V3.015.020 Free Download:

1)you may get error if you didn’t follow the next steps.
Firstly: download all parts
Second: choose all .zip parts, right click and unzip to current folder
Thirdly: Choose all .rar parts, right click and unrar to a folder.
Finally, you can check all files in a new folder.
2)Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software before download. If the software data is
Destroyed or lost because you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, please contact at:

Honda HDS HIM V3.015.020 Setup instruction:
Note: HDS HIM need activation, but for free if you buy from, if not, you will be charged 5USD.

OS: Please install the package with clean installed XP

1.InstallShield Wizard for HDS PC Ver.3.015.020
Open ” My computer” – Honda 3.015(E:) – HDS PC – Setup.exe
Welcome to InstallShield Wizard for HDS PC Ver.3.015
Click “Next”
Click “Yes”
Select Destination of vehicles tha you normally service at your dealership, including: Canada, Europe, Japan, USA, LAC, Other(General) and China( except Hong Kong)
Click “Next”
Select your country, click “Next”
Input dealer Number: 208342, click “Next”
Select language, click “Next”
A window named “Firewall Helper App” pops up, click “Don’t send”
InstallShield Wizard complete, click “Finish”
2.To Active
Open CD “Honda 3.015(E:)
Right click “USA-Dealer.reg”, click “Merge”, click “Yes” to ensure you want to add the information in E:\USA-Dealer.reg to registry.
Click “Yes”, information in E:\USA-Dealer.reg has been successfully entered into the registry.
Open “HIM-GNA.exe”
A new window named “Unregistered” pops up, copy Hardware ID
Create one new text documents.txt, and then paste the Hardware ID into this text.
Send this “text documents.txt” to your supplier and get an activation code.
Copy the activation code given by supplier
Write down “1234” as username in the “Unregistered” box
Paste the activation code into the box of serial number
Click “Register” to finish registeration
Open “HIM-GNA.exe”, click Next
Open folder “ECURewrite-GNA-HIM”, find out “Setup.exe”
Close windows, and a new window appear, Honda Interface Module ECM/PCM update.
3.CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27 Setup
InstallShield Wizard for CM Update (ECU Rewrite) 6.27, click “Next”.
Select CM Update (ECU Rewrite) language, click “Next”
Finally click “Finish”
4.Check whether HDS and computer establish good communication
Open “My Computer” – Manage – Device Manager – Ports – Communications Port (COM1), Note: it must to be COM1
5.To diagnose with HDS
Open” Diagnostic System” on the desktop to diagnose.