How to install BMW Carsoft 6.5 + SP1 on WINDOWS XP

I have succeeded in making Carsoft 6.5 SP1 work with my E36.

I am using the 20 pin diagnostic port under the hood as my vehicle does not have an OBDII port. I purchased my interface, which is marked “BMW compatible interface V6.5” and has LED’s for Power, Service Interval, K-Line Pin 20, K-Line Pin 17 and L-Line Pin 15.
I purchased Carsoft 6.5 from a vendor named and downloaded SP1 direct from the Carsoft Web site.

Full instructions are followed.
The procedure EXACTLY for Windows XP is as follows:-

If you have EVER installed ANY version of Carsoft 6.5 before:-

1. Uninstal the program using the ADD/DELETE Programs function available from the Control panel via SETTINGS on the START menu.

2. Use the Explore function to open the Programs tab from the START menu and delete any CARSOFT folders

3. Use the SEARCH function from the START menu to look for any files or folders containing the word CARSOFT and delete them.

4. Search your Hard Drive for a folder named CM70 or CM75s and use EXPLORE to view its contents. If you have located the correct folder it will contain CARSOFT files with names like “AIRBAG1.DXT” – DELETE THE ENTIRE FOLDER.

5. Restart your computer and from the START menu go to PROGRAMS then ACCESSORIES and select SYSTEM TOOLS then SYSTEM RESTORE and create a new restore point.

6. Once the new restore point has been created, close out of the SYSTEM RESTORE Menu, then go back into ACCESSORIES via the START and PROGRAMS Menus and choose SYSTEM TOOLS then DISK CLEANUP. Select the MORE OPTIONS Tab and under “System Restore,” choose to Delete all but the most recent RESTORE Point and run the Disk Cleanup utility.

7. Open the “My Computer” Icon on the Desktop and right click on the Icon for your Hard Drive, then click “Properties”. Click on the “Tools” Tab when the Properties Dialogue Box opens and choose “Check now”. Two Dialogue boxes will appear asking if you want to check & repair files and scan the hard drive. Check both boxes then the START button. A message will appear telling you that this process can only be performed when the computer re-starts and asking you to confirm whether you wish this to occur. Confirm this request, then restart your computer. Dependent upon how many files you have stored and the size of the Hard Drive, the scanning process may take 2 -3 hours to complete after the system is restarted.

8. Temporarily disable any Anti-Virus or Spyware Programs that may be Running and use the setup program provided with the CARSOFTsoftware to install CARSOFT 6.5.

9. Install SP1 which will search out and install to the CARSOFT/BMW Folder that has been copied to your hard drive.

10. Open the CRACKS Folder and copy ALL of the files contained in the Folder (including Instructions) to the BMW folder located in the newly created CARSOFT program Folder on your Hard Drive. The easiest way to accomplish this is firstly to open the CRACKS Folder then left click on the first file it contains and then each subsequent file whilst holding down the SHIFT key until ALL of the files are highlighted, then choose COPY THESE FILES and when the Dialogue Box pops up, locate the BMW folder in the newly installed CARSOFT folder on your Hard Drive, left click on it and then click on the COPY button.

11. Once this process has been completed, use the EXPLORE function to view the files in the BMW Folder of the newly installed CARSOFTProgram. There will be 2 files with 6.5 Icons, labelled CARSOFT and CARSOFTBMW65. Delete the CARSOFT file and re-name CARSOFTBMW65 as CARSOFT.

12. Empty the deleted items from your trash bin and restart the system – CARSOFT 6.5.06 is now installed.

Remember to disable any anit-virus or Spyware programs prior to running the program

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