Multilanguage VDM UCANDAS WIFI scanner what work and not work?

Some experienced technicians who know both tcscdp and VDM ucandas will agree this sentence “A better alternative to Autocom, would be Ucandas.” Then what VDM UCANDAS can do?
Look at VDM UCANDAS wifi for US$247 :

Let’s hear from real users:
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– I have ucandas they recently roll out the 2015 update for GM and it’s very up to date on Ford. I scanned 2014-2015 Fords before with it. Its somewhat ok on SRS.

– I have had success with Chrysler 300cc when snap on tool diag car as dpf problem when infact ucandas diag correct as egr, also merc slk airbag it diagnose car good.
– I got ucandas when first came out and it used to diag issan very good until I did firmware update, I even have the first disc they sent with tool before they had the online register service.

– It’s not a bad scanner…They use to listen to me and take my input.I love the wireless scan..and since they actually listen to me and been adding seat cal for most of the car its gotten better.
They are very outdated on Nissan thought…up to 2011…I have my eye on the GreenDS GDS+ 3, updates for Autel is a B****.

– I only ever use ucandas now to adjust transit speed limiters quickly, and it needle sweeps and tests a lot of instrument clusters ,if your into dash repairs.

-Have tried with ford euro model, works ok

– vdm ucandas can update often, to add more car model and renew the year.
– Can do Honda PCM Idle Learn
VDM UCANDAS what not work?
VDM UCANDAS WIFI not available with firmware update, but only software update online, the online register service is contained in the disc.