Solution for Peugeot 307 1.4 HDI starts randomly

This post is about solution for Peugeot 307 1.4 HDI starts randomly with lexia 3 PP2000

Car model and year:
Peugeot 307 1.4 HDI. Car did not have any work done since October.

1. Fail to start occasionally but starter motor will engage normally
2. Rev counter would not work occasionally

Tool to use:
I’ve used PP2000 to diag this.
I bought from, this PP20000 is the best quality one with full original Chip 921815C chip, which works well with Peugeot 307.

Fault code read out:
U1003: Remote parameter fault. CAN communication no communication
P0500: Remote parameter fault. CAN communication Engine ECU dead
U1118: Remote parameter fault. CAN communication absence of built-in interface communication

What I tended to do:
-Replace crank sensor, no luck.
-Measuring out voltage on cable to sensor shows around 3V on one of the pins.
-Used PP2000 to test BSI – all OK
-when testing engine ECU all OK
-I can monitor REVs in PP while car is running and revs on dash are zero which in my mind would take the blame of Crank sensor away.

First piece of useful advice:
If you have cam or crank sensor issues then you should be able to see on PP2000 that you don’t have synch. If PP2000 shows there is synch your issue may be elsewhere. You can also see the sensor voltage in PP2000.
Every session I’ve done shows the sensor voltage at 5V.

Another one piece of advice:
This is a three wire sensor crank sensor. 3 wire hall effect sensor, digital signal square wave. Don’t know if you can see this on PP as i don’t have PP2000.
One wire is ground.
One wire is reference dc volts (5 volts i guess coming from ecu)
One wire is signal, as the sensor gets pick up from teeth this voltage changes.

I would back probe the sensor, start the car and see what voltages you get, do voltage drop test for ground.

Then lock the car and repeat. See what the difference is.
Injector opening times are controlled by ecu, if it does’t see rpm then injectors stay shut (i think, not 100% percent)
I know injectors are a pain to get at on these 1.4, but i guess they are not getting signal hence not opening pulse of zero.

Solved, finally!
Since I work with software I took the engine ECU out and opened it. To my surprise after I’ve cleaned a lot of things and put it back – presto! All works. Car can be locked and unlocked and engine rev counter and everything springs back to life. Now I know there is defo a fault on ECU which I may or may not fixed by opening and cleaning it. Will look for another ECU just in case if it fails again. I will replace the eeprom/flash myself from my to donor so that BSI etc does not need to be replaced.
It looks like after all Engine ECU was faulty.

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