Program Ford key all key lost with OBDSTAR X100 PRO

OBDSTAR X100 PRO auto key programmer Ford Immo software has upgraded to V30.11 which optimized old style Mondeo immo. The new X-100 Pro is able to program Ford Focus, Mondo, Transit, New Fiesta, S-MAX etc key when all keys lost through immobilizer without pin code.

Here is a Ford Focus Model key programming without pin code with X-100 PRO key programmer:

Select programming key according to vehicle makes, select “Makers” from the main screen
Select vehicle region: America
Select vehicle makes: FORD
The X-100 PRO key programmer will display the immo software version V30.11
The system is loading scan and mcu bin,
Select “China Ford” or “USA Ford”
Select program key from “Immobilizer” system
Select vehicle model: Focus
The Next program will brings to Select Focus key type: Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3
Insert the key black into the key slot and turn ignition to ON
The X100 Pro will automatically detect the key Type, here Type 1
Select “All keys lost”
Min 2 keys required, press Enter to continue
The system is building communication with the vehicle. The s for 8 minutes
Follow the X-100 Pro system prompt:
Switch ignition OFF
Switch ignition on, ith key 1 for 3 sec, and then switch off and remove the key
Switch ignition on with key 2 for 3 sec, and then switch off and remove the key
NOTE: Other Ford models key programming when all keys lost with OBDSTAR X100 pro performs the similar procedure.