5 steps to use T5 to copy 13 chip with CN900 key copy machine

Original CN900 is best 4D transponder key chip copy machine. But CN900 key programmer works excellent on copying other chips as well. Here is an easy 5-step instruction on using T5 to copy 13 chip with cn900.

Tools needs:
Original CN900 key programmer Master
13 chip

Using T5 chip to copy 13 chip:
Step 1: Insert13 chip in CN900 testing hole. You will be able to view the chip type
Step 2: Press ““Identify& Copy” button, you will be able to view the following data after few seconds.
Step 3: Remove 13 chip and put T5 in testing hole and press “Copy” button. The “W” (write) button and “Copy” button will turn to grey.
Step 4: Press “Copy” button and wait for few seconds until the screen appears “Success (OK)” prompt. The chip copy is completed.
Step 5: Unplug the T5 chip form the testing hole, press “Back” button and then click “Identify& Copy” button, Wait for few seconds then will see the following data: TYPE:13-T5.
The T5 chip has been successfully copied to 13 chip.