MB STAR XENTRY 04.2014 error 462 EWA expired solution

One of our customer feedback that after update Super MB STAR C3 diagnostic multiplexer software from 09.2013 to 04.2014, he cannot find EPC and WIS shortcut. The MB STAR Xentry displayed and error message:

“Error 462 EWA Session Token expired

The EWA Session Token and the web session have expired.
Login information is not valid anymore. The program will close now.
You need to login again and restart the application.”

Obdexpress.co.uk here gathered two solutions based on customers’ experience:

1) Method 1
Go to C: programme files/EWA net/config.
Find out um_cfg.xml
Open it and locate line 50 and 52

Change line 50 from
<PARAMETER name=”tokenActiveMinutesAfterStart”>30</PARAMETER>
<PARAMETER name=”tokenActiveMinutesAfterStart”>-1</PARAMETER>
<!– Session Token Validity for active applications (when application already started) –>

And then change line 52 from
<PARAMETER name=”tokenActiveMinutesAfterReinitialization”>480</PARAMETER>
<PARAMETER name=”tokenActiveMinutesAfterReinitialization”>-1</PARAMETER>

Change the values in both line 50 or 52 to -1
Save settings and exit.
Restart computer.

NOTE: Make sure locate the correct lines.

2) Method 2:
Delete the EPC application from Java in Control Panel.
Run the fix.
From EWA Admin Tool —> Restart EWA server service —> Stop EWA database —> Start EWA database (or restart the computer).
From EWA net shortcut —> Make sure that you have a valid key —> Log on and Start EPC.
Close EPC and EWA net (Internet Browser).
Create EPC shortcut from Java in Control Panel.
The EPC shortcut will appear.

If the method one cannot work, try another way around.

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