Volvo VIDA Dice 2014 “Instillation will be aborted” solution

Volvo OEM VIDA DiCE diagnostic tool has updated to 2014D. One of our customer reported that he came across instillation error when loading VIDA 2014A software on Win 7. Here is the problem and solution provided.

When install Volvo Vida 2014A or 2014D software on Win 7 SP1 operating system, the system display and error message:

“One or more of the computer’s components does not fulfill VIDA’s requirements. This installation will be aborted.” Shown as picture below:


Possible reason:
Not compatible computer system.

Volvo VIDA software should be installed on Win 7 O/S since 2013 version which is a great improvement. But your Win 7 system should meet the following requirement:
1)  Professional Win 7
2) Internet Explorer 8
3) Over 2GRAM
4) C:// must have 40GB space
5) Software must install on C://
6) Computer must be NTFS format

Make sure your Win 7 laptop meets the above requirement and then follow the correct software installation instruction.