Working solution for Honda civic error code P0756

My 08 Has the check engine light on and the FLashing green Light next to D. The OBDII came back with P0756 Shift Solenoid B Performance or Stuck Off.
I had cleared the code on Saturday. It was fine until this morning when it came back.

Honda scanner I use:
HDS HIM V3.015.020 I bought from

PCM operates shift solenoid B to supply line pressure to shift valve B in the valve body. Bla bla bla…. PCM monitorsmainshaft and countershaft speeds to determine gear ratios…..
If an improper gear ratio is output at the time of a shift, the pcm figures the shift solenoid did not do its job and sets the code.

So….There’s drain the fluid through a strainer and check for metal and clutch debris steps already mentioned…
Then…See if the HDS scanner can make the valve click on command
Drive with the HDS and see if the self test passes or fails.

What I’m reading is mostly about trying to decide if the solenoid should be replaced or if the trans should be replaced.

Solenoid could be sticking, it’s teensy little filters could be clogged with debris, either of those could be caused by an internal trans failure, clutch wear/failure, or TCC wear/failure.
If the valve body (shift valve B) is having a problem that is causing the incorrect shifting, that’s an internal trans problem and a solenoid won’t fix it.

You need “clone-able” sensors not the OEM sensors. I just have my tire shop do it with new clone-able sensors on the various wheel sets and it has not been an issue.

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