Renault Megane pre-2003 read pin code & program key 2 steps

There is a cheap key pro which can read immobilizer PIN code and program Key for Renault Megane and Megane Scenic modules with UCBIC (BSI) module from 1999 to 2003 year via OBD II.

Renault PIN Code reading Key programming cable €26
Language: English
Operating system: Win XP only
Car supported: Renault Megane & – Scenic 1999 to 2003 with K-line

UCBIC (BSI) module like this:
How to program Renault Megane & Scenic key with the key programmer?
Easy 2 steps
1) Read PIN Code
Free download Renault Pin Code calculator V3.12 software
Start PINReader.exe VER 3.12
Select from Model Selector “Renault UCBIC” -> “Megane I (8 digit PIN)” or “Scenic (8 digit PIN)”. Click “Program Key’s” button
2) Program Renault Megane & – Scenic keys
After press “Program Key’s”, insert the first key into hey hole
Switch On Ignition to program key 1
Switch OFF Ignition, first Key is programmed.
Start to program second key, the procedure is the same.
Manual entering PIN code read before
Read Live Data from UCBIC module
Read and change Setup IMMO parameters
Enable Immobilizer, activate remote control, change system IMMO1 or IMMO2.

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