MB Star Xentry enabling – Successfull reviews

MB Star Xentry: Extra features that were not purchased originally can be enabled by star.

What things can be enabled by real user’s experience, please read following successful reviews.

1. Cluster mods include
Fuel remaining
Temp on display
Lowering – airmatic only

Star needs all the multiplexors etc to speak to your car – easiest way is to visit an indie.

Anything can be added, not cheaply tho!

2. Auto folding mirrors (if electrically folding)
Tyre pressure loss warning
Fuel tank content display
Outside temperature disply in the status line
UK mode deletion (enables MPH in status display)
Navigation display in instrument cluster
Telephone/ipod buttons enable and display in instrument cluster

3. Given the cost of STAR, you will rarely find it in private hands so even if the info is publically available you’ve still got to go to someone with the relevant kit (and thus knowledge) to get it programmed.

4. My previous experience is kit like this pays for its self several times over
the joy of diagnosing faults or coding is tenfold !
I remember just before we sold last car engine management light came on
dealer and non franchised quoted £550>£700 +vat
cost me £110 inclusive for part and 15 mins to change it (secondary pump)
thanks to my diagnostic bit of kit.

5. I bought my Star off a fellow forum member for several hundred pounds and it has easily paid for itself several time over – mainly with retrofits (rain sensor, electrically folding mirrors, NTG2.5 and more recently diagnosing auto transmission fault).

Now looking for an earlier version (year 2011) so that I can programme the NTG 2.5 head unit to enable reversing camera and Linguatronic feature.

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