How to solve Tomcat7.exe-Application Error for MB STAR Platinum edition software?

As the new developed software for STAR, Platinum edition software can be used on MB SD Connect 4 and Super star C3.

Compared with other star software, it has the following advantage:

1) support online update

2) support one time free online and permanent offline programming

3) add more special functions, including adjust the speed limit, SBC Reset function, Airbag ECU unlock function and so on.

Every time when i turn off the software, it give me following prompt. I can turn on the software and use it normally on next time. I want to know how to solve it, or do i need to do something for it?
“Tomcat7.exe-Application Error
The instruction at “ox7c30100b” referrenced memory at “ox00000014”. The memory could not be “Read”.
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program.”


Answer: This is normal prompt. It prompt you cannot write other program to this HDD. This HDD is the encrypted HDD. Do not copy this HDD. Just directly use it.
This prompt have no influence for usage. Just ignore it.

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