How to add more car models for FVDI software

FVDI Commander support Mitsubishi models for standard diagnostics, Read/program ECU, Key programming via OBDII, Modify odometer in EEPROM dump from dashboard, Clear Crash Data from Airbag.

If you have bought FVDI Mitsubishi whole package, you want to buy FVDI ford software, and add this ford software to your mitsubishi software, then use can use your device to work on mitsubishi and ford models. How to do this?

1 Every device has the serial number. After you make payment for Ford software. Please give the serial number of your device to us. We will send it to factory and let them to produced the ford software based on your device. Then send the new software CD to you.

2 After you get the CD, install the software, then follow the following way to update your tool
1) Connect the hardware of FVDI with your computer via USB cable. (No need to connect it with your car)
2) Insert the CD to your computer. Find this CD on your computer, open folder “FW Downloader”, then doble click “FWDownloader.exe”, then this software will fun automaticlly.
3) Then you will see two options: If you want to update the firmware. Then choose “Firmware”. If you want to update license data, then choose “Database”.
4) Click button “Start” to start updating
5) After updating ready, click “Exit”.
Then new models is added ready.

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