Read vehicle wiring diagrams with Multi-diag J2534 Pass-Thru

Multi-Diag access J2534 Pass-thru is able to access wiring diagrams for multi-brand foreign and domestic cars, trucks, Van engines (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel etc) through years 1996-2014. The wiring diagram is easy to read detail with symbol description. It is extremely helpful for those who want to trace down circuit, radio diagram, A/C circuit, engine wiring etc.

How to read vehicle’s wiring diagram with Multi-Di@g Access J2534 pass-thru?
Follow the instruction:
Well install ACTIA Multi-diag J2534 software (current software 2014.01V/Ⅰ-2014)

Connect the Multi-diag J2435 interface with vehicle via OBD socket
Start using the Multi-diag software, select vehicle model, year etc, then come to Technical information program
Press the actia-multi-diag-j2534-wiring-diagram-0button and select vehicle cylinder number, the Multidiag software will display wiring diagram
Click on the “?” icon to get a description of symbols
Hover the mouse over the diagram to view additional comments and notes where available.