Change Volvo 08-14 LDW sound level with VIDA DiCE 2014D

Lots of Volvo features can be set with Volvo VIDA DiCE OBD2 diagnostic tool, e.g heated seats, temps, theme, LDW, radio etc. Volvo owners (2008-2014) feeling that the default sound level is too low have the possibility to change to a louder sound. From 14w40 DIM will support programming of sound level of Lane Departure Warning (LDW).

Volvo introduced the Lane Departure Warning system and the Driver Alert Control on its 2008 model-year S80, the S70 and XC70 executive cars. Volvo’s lane departure warning system uses a camera to track road markings and sound an alarm when drivers depart their lane without signaling.
Many customers know that it can be done via Volvo VIDA diagnostic software, but they don’t know where to go. Here is an instruction.

Tool needed:
Volvo VDIA DiCE 2014 diagnostic kit
A laptop running Win 7 O/S ONLY

Resetting Volvo Lane Departure Warning (LDW) sound level:
1)Install Volvo VIDA latest software 2014D on Win 7 O/S
2)Connect the Volvo Dice diagnostic interface with vehicle via OBD port
3)Login to VIDA. After fill in vehicle information, select “DIAGNOSTIC” tab
5)Select “DIM” control module
6)Select “Advanced” settings
7)Find out and locate “Change volume on LDW”, change the proper LDW volume value you want and save settings
8)Save settings and exit the Volvo VIDA 2014D software

Affected Volvo models:
volvo vida dice - Change Volvo 08-14 LDW sound level with VIDA DiCE 2014D
The Automatic Battery Test can be found under DIAGNOSTICS à VEHICLE COMMUNICA‐ TION à CEM à Advanced à Battey Monitoring System – Automatic Battery Test. VIDA RELEASE NEWS Copyright © 1998 – 2014 Volvo Car Corporation 41EN39 7 The test is working for vehicles equipped with a Battery Monitoring Sensor (BMS). Affected variants: V40 (13-), V40 Cross Country, S60 (11-), S60L, V60 (except D82PHEV and D87PHEV), XC60, V70 (08-), XC70 (08-), S80 (07-) and S80L.

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