How to update Xhorse VVDI to VVDI2?

Good news for Xhorse VVDI (VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface) first generation owners. You are able to update your VVDI Commander to VVDI2 (second generation VVDI) key programmer.

How to update VVDI to VVDI II?
1. If you need update VVDI to VVDI 2, you need to send VVDI main unit & all cables/connectors, to us, then pay 519USD update cost (not including shipping) to update the device.

2. If you do not send back the full VVDI package, you need to pay extra cost for accessories.

3. If you need to open following functions/authorizations, please pay corresponding price:
Open AUDI IMMO 5th: 320 USD
Open BMW OBD function: 720 USD
Open BMW CAS4+ function: 260USD

NOTE:Above functions are compatible with VVDI2 ONLY.

Related Item No:
SV86-1 130 VVDI update to VVDI2: 519USD
sv86-2 130 VVDI2 Open AUDI Immo 5th: 320USD
sv86-3 130 VVDI2 Open OBD function: 720USD
sv86-4 130 VVDI2 Open CAS4+: 260USD