(Working solution) Quickly 4C4D4648 Cloner cannot read Astra H ID46 pcf7941

I got one Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Cloner, but cannot read Astra H ID46 pcf7941, and cannot detect its remote 433mhz.
Zed bull read this key fine, my other frequency tester reads also 433 ok.
I post my problem in the forum and get suggestion from one experienced technician, he said: be careful reading virgin id46, it can lock them, virgin 46 I mean Astra H keys ID46 with 7941 chip in Hitag2, reading them can change the config pages making them unprogramable.

And get his working Solution: I can make it again working fine with tag key tool. tag key tool have precode for astra H key 7941. I can not be sure but if I don’t remember bad I used last year once and program key fine.
Yes, astra H/corsa D remote key.I used FVDI ABRITES Commander For Opel. I mean if you corrupt the remote bytes then tagtool can restore the virgin remote data of the corrupted key.it can not program the remote coding of a new chip.

FYI, I asked another question that Cn3 needs TPX4 for sniffing – but can TPX4 be used many times after again for sniff or only once? and get answer reading:
Tpx4 can be reuse over and over so perfect for sniffing. Also the PC version will run and connect with the quickly cloner. (TESTED) you can also rewrite over a CN2 &CN5 using the PC version with the quickly.

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