Car model:

Car issue:
I have a lost key, I only got dash, ecu and doors lock.

Purpose: code key without OBD

Tool to use: FVDI for VW

What I tried to do:
I have read Ecu edc17 eprom and flash. I have also try to read eprom from dash by odb in bench with fvdi, but when I try to connect with fvdi dash shut down and power up all the time. So I think I most read it manual.
But before I open dash to read eprom, it will be nice to know if it is possible to code key without OBD
So transponder is ready to start car.
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More two questions and answers to be continued:
1)Question one:
I will read eprom for dash manual, but how should the needles take off the dash? counter-clockwise and pull or use a fork and just pull off.

counter-clockwise and pull.
Just read manual for NEC 2009+ dash.
All clusters has same procedure with NEC MCU, Golf, Transporter , Tiguan , Sirocco and etc.

2)Question two
Yes your right, counter-clockwise and pull. But my tango, EFfi and fvdi does not support dump file from dash ready to start car.
And if I set 24c64 in sercive mode and try to code key with fvdi on bench , I think also I need transponder antenna from car connect it to dash.
So I think I will use immo emulator for this car.

You do not use Dump file to add key . it is not possible on this dash.
You need to go to “Instrument CAN “, Put cluster in Service mode buy writing eeprom file with programer that AVDI will make it,
once you connect to cluster and you are in service mode write original eeprom back ,
Do not exit , stay there and then Add key, AVDI will add key to immo data .
Then click update Immo data . Job done

And you do not need to have Transponder antenna form car connected to dash. You add key with Key tag connected along with AVDI and cluster.

Like I said READ MANUAL I think it is page 28 or so.

Finally, solved!!!
I program 24c64 maneul with service mode file from fvdi, and after I power up dash and connect FVDI and press service mode by obd . The dash goes black and I wirte original eprom back and after
I add 2 transponder and did update immo data and last I leave service mode by obd and dash power up again

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