Working solution for K+D CAN driver won’t install

Car model and year: BMW 320d e46

Car issue and my purpose:
I want to diagnose my BMW problem, I have ASC/ABS and Brake pads light on … I checked and one sensor from brake pads was broken, I think a ABS sensor is down and I don´t know which one.

BMW diagnostic cable I have:
I bought a K+D Can cable for 25 Euro.
This is my cable:
Problem I came cross:
I can´t install the driver… Inpa and Ediabas work Fine … I installed win xp and didn´t work so I changed the HDD whit windows 7 x64 to give a try… But same problem.
I tryed to install CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe , run it as administrator, run it in win xp sp3 but nothing.
inpa cannot install-02
More inform:
Right click on the USB/UART device and go to properties, then the details tab, and look at the hardware ID. And this is what’s there

Finally, I fixed by following method:
I go to the downloaded driver files, and into the ftdibus.inf and ftdiport.inf files.

Scroll down and I see a list of the VID and PID data, I edit the PID stuff to read 0000 like my lead, and then reinstall it, so find every instance of “PID_6001” and change it to “PID_0000” which should mean that the driver will recognize and accept the lead to work with.

I would probably go for the older 2.10 drivers: change the extension
from .pdf to .rar and try those, that’s the 2.10 driver set, with the info files set to recognize the product ID as PID_0000