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MB SD CONNECT COMPACT 4 is the best tool to diagnose both Benz cars and trucks. Its internal HDD has WIFI function. We provide two kind of SD C4 software. One ordinary star with D630 HDD format. One platinum SD C4 software support online update with more special function, which has DELL D630, Lenovo X61T, Panasonic CF30. for other format hdd, if you need, please send email to sales@obdexpress.co.uk to ask if we can customize it for you.

I insert the HDD to my D630 laptop, but find it does not have the WIFI option. I test the lan cable connect via PC. it works normally, but i need to use this WIFI function. How can i solve ,it. My “network connections” show like this


While usually normal one will show like this


Solution: This one is caused your PC WIFI driver problem. You need to update the PC WIFI driver so that PC can recognize the HDD perfectly. Here is the D630 WIFI driver download link:

Additional information:
If your PC cannot recognized the HDD even via cable communication. Then your ordinary PC Driver need update. Here is the oridinary DELL D630 PC driver download link:


more information: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/mb-star-series/