Options for VW Jetta V (2.0 TDI, 2010) – all keys lost and original ECU dead

This post begins with problem on a 2010 VW Jetta 5 (2.0 TDI), ABS problem, all key lost and original ECU dead. Then 4 useful options are followed. You can’t miss this post if you have same problem and have no idea how to do.

A car came in with an ABS problem. It’s a 2010 VW Jetta 5 (2.0 TDI).

This car’s owner had lost both his keys, and another garage fix this problem by replacing the instrument cluster, ECU and BCM of this car with that from another donor car. So now this car shows VIN of the donor car when scanning with VCDS.

The ABS fault was control module not coded. he ABS won’t accept coding with the VIN of this car since it has VIN of another car.

Also, the original instrument cluster of this car was a maxidot, but the new one was taken from a lower variant.

I want to put the original instrument cluster back into the car and match the ECU with it and store the original VIN back into the ECU and IMMO and program a new key for the car (the car now uses the key of the donor car, both the original keys of the car are lost).

ECU in this car is a EDC17C46

The original ECU of the car is dead (killed by another garage when trying to disable the immobilizer)

Please help me to determine which tool can help me accomplish this job

I have been reading around a lot for the past week, and I have a rough idea of the steps I need to accomplish:

1. Take a dump of the IMMO from the original instrument cluster (preferably by OBD)
2. From this dump, program new transponder.
3. Write correct vin in used ECU

I don’t have any security tools with me presently (only Diagnostics tools), but I want to get a good one for fixing this car and in future for other jobs

This is what I understand after searching around a lot. And from the looks of it, only AVDI can accomplish this. But AVDI original package costs approx €6,000! I only get security-related work requests once or twice a year (which I turn down, since I don’t have tools), so original unit is not affordable for me, so looking at VVDI / VVDI 2

Also, read somewhere that ODIS with online can match used ECU to cluster? (but still need to program transponder)

Original ECU of the Car (now dead)
Original ECU of the Car-1
The original instrument cluster
The original instrument cluster-2
Inside of the instrument cluster
Inside of the instrument cluster-3
You have only 4 options:
1) Buy avid, 6k for avdi with online and funny subscription for bug fixing.
2) Buy smok. With SMOK X-Dash full CAN + Immo data packet you can do this via OBD.
But this tool cost about 2000 Euros.
3) Buy vvdi/vvdi2 +, with vvdi/vvdi2 and fvdi he want be able without additional tool and opening ecu determine data from used ecu. Get someone who read your ecu or buy equipment itself for this purpose (china cloned tools are not expensive)
4)Send ecu+dash+virgin keys to someone who pair it. It is really not big deal with right equipment. For sure you find someone closer to you.