BMW ICOM software hdd copy error

Our BMW ICOM software is the expert version. It includes NCS EXPERT , KSD , INPA, ediabase tool 32 winkfp and so on. This is the full version. If you have the skill and know how to use it, then it can meet various needs for car repair and test.

We provide BMW ICOM hdd for different types: 1) best price type with english and german language. 2) Ordinary hdd with multi-language. 3) SSD version icom hdd with english/german language or Other multi-language. 4) Most powerful super icom SSD version with multi-language and online update. Our HDD is the encrypted version. No matter it has the usb dongle or not. If you copy the hdd, it will meet the following prompt:

“Lock System This software won’t run without a valid license file. Please send you hw-id text to, and you will get license.”


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