BMW ICOM A2 B C ISTA D ISTA P IPS Fault code V999 solution

One of our customer use 2015.7 BMW ICOM software and get the following prompt:

Data is only stored locally. Thus the process for overlapping cooperation is not available.
Cause: ISPI Process services not available (IPS fault code V999)
Note: The status of ISPI process services can be determined using the function ‘IPS Check’ in the ISPI Admin Client.


Software gives prompt, after i click OK. He test ISTA P, ISTA D and other options, all works normally. This will have influence for usage? Can i remove it?

Answer: For bmw icom after 2015.7. This is the normal prompt. Just click OK and go on to use this software. It has no influence for software functions.

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