V8/X6 key cutting machine cannot power up solution

One of our customers reported that keeping the V8/X6 automotive key cutting machine for many years, but the key cutting machine failed to start up suddenly. Here is the detail of the problem and solution provided.

V8/X6 key cutting machines fails to power up, even connected with power adapter.

Possible reason:
Control box inside is loose or not connected well
Mini golden finger inside the control box is duty or lost connection

1) Dismantle the control box of the V8/X6 key cutting machine;
2) First check the mini golden finger to see if it is duty or lose connection. If the golden finger is duty, the machine battery will die. Clean the golden finder or solder it firmly.
3) Then check the power supply, make sure your key cutting machine is feeding the 12V power supply

V8/V6 auto key cutting machine control box (red or gray color)
Golden finger, the golden color element which gives power supply to the machine