How to Perform Remote SPS Using TIS2000

NEW Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner is a good diagnostic tester used to diagnose GM Vehicles — GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and HOLDEN. Package comes with TIS 2000 software CD, which can be used to perform remote SPS.

TIS2000 software Installation Guide:

Note: You are also available to GM TIS2000 CD with USB key for GM vehicle on OBD2EXPRESS, while if you order GM Tech2 scanner with SAAB software, you’d better choose SAAB TIS2000 CD with USB key.

What is GM SPS?
The GM SPS, abbreviated by Service Programming System, is a personal computer (PC) application used to reprogram vehicle electronic control modules (ECMs). All programming steps are activated and finalized through PC.

Important Notes (Prior to performing SPS):
1. Ensure that the GM Tech2 and the terminal are both equipped with the latest software;
2. Ensure that the vehicle battery is fully charged, and make sure a battery charger IS NOT connected to the vehicle;
3. Ensure that cable connection is secure (A disconnected cable could cause controller failure).

Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000 as follows:
1. Obtain Vehicle Information;
1). Connect Tech2 to vehicle DLC (Note: make sure Tech2 and vehicle both OFF);
2). Boot up the Tech2 and then turn vehicle ignition to on (Engine NOT running);
3).Go to Tech2 Main Menu, select Service Programming and enter vehicle information as requested;
4).Press the request info soft key on the Tech 2;
5).Identify whether an existing module or a new module is being programmed.
For an existing module, the Tech 2 obtains calibration information from the controller.
For a new module, the Tech 2 instructs you to remove the old module and install the new module in the vehicle. When you complete this step, press the Done soft key on the Tech 2. The Tech 2 then communicates with the new controller, receiving an access code that enables you to program the Tech 2.
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-1
6).Verify that the displayed VIN matches the vehicle VIN, then press Yes to continue.
Note: If the displayed VIN does not match the actual vehicle VIN, write down the actual VIN. You will have a chance to input the correct VIN at the terminal.
7).When complete, press EXIT, power down, and disconnect the Tech 2 from the vehicle. Turn the vehicle ignition off.
2. Transfer Data from the PC to the Tech 2;
1). Connect the Tech 2 to the terminal;
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-2
2). At the terminal, start TIS 2000’
3). From the TIS 2000 main screen, select Service Programming System;
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-3
4). At the Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process screen make the appropriate selection for your procedure:
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-4
•Under Select Diagnostic Tool, select Tech 2;
•Under Select Programming Process, identify whether an existing module is being reprogrammed or a module is being replaced with a new one;
•Under Select ECU Location, identify whether on-vehicle or off-board programming is being performed;
5). After making selections, select Next;
6).A reminder screen appears for making the appropriate connections. Select Next after confirming connections;
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-5
7).A screen appears, asking to confirm the VIN. After confirming/entering the correct VIN, select Next;
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-6
A Supported Controllers screen (Figure 8-24) appears asking to identify the type of controller being programmed. Some vehicles may have more than one programmable controller-examples include PCM, BCM, VDT, IPC.
8). Select the appropriate controller for the vehicle being serviced;
9). Identify the type of programming to be performed;
10). After making selections, select Next;
11).A Calibration Selection screen appears showing the calibration file history for the vehicle/controller being serviced. There are explanations of each calibration file. Based on the descriptions, select the appropriate file;
12). After making the necessary selections, a Summary screen appears allowing you to confirm your selection. Select Next to continue;
13) .A Transfer Data screen appears as follows:
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-7
Select Reprog to initiate the download of the new calibration file to the Tech 2;
The screen tracks the progress of the download;
After the download is complete, a screen appears with instructions for connecting the Tech 2 to the vehicle to complete the programming process;
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-8
14). Close the application to return to TIS 2000, then power down and disconnect the Tech 2 from the PC.
3. Transfer Data From the Tech 2 to the Control Module;
1). With the Tech 2 and vehicle both off, connect the Tech 2 to the vehicle DLC;
Perform remote SPS Using TIS 2000-9
2). Start the Tech 2. At the Tech 2 title screen, press ENTER;
3). Turn the ignition ON (engine not running);
4).At the Main Screen, Service Programming and enter vehicle information as requested by the Tech 2;
5). Select the Program soft key on the Tech 2;
The Tech 2 displays the message Downloading Calibration File while data is transferred.
When the transfer is complete, the Tech 2 displays the message Reprogramming Successful.
6). Press EXIT to exit the program. Turn the vehicle ignition off first, then turn the Tech 2 off and disconnect it from the vehicle.