VCM II IDS Clone Recommendations and Advice

There are a lot of the cheap VCM II clone in the market, and which one is better to get? Any advice to follow, please have a look at the following parts for reference.

(Tested) VCM II from this site is verified working well.
This one VCM-II works:
I can verify it does seem to run faultless & already wifi enabled.

This one VCM-II works:
It’s done all I’ve asked off it, Pcm update, pump/inj learns, config. Runs fine on my w7 notebook and iPhone.

More recommendations and advices on VCM II:
Apart from the hardware differences between the clones, there could be software trouble…..
The last calibration DVD is version c81. The last (hacked) version of ids is 86.
You could install both and enjoy dealer level diagnostics and module updates up to 2011/2012 vehicles.

Later version of IDS requires online activation and calibration downloads.
There are some tricks/hacks which make use of the 3 day grace period after installation.
But I have no idea if it will download all the calibrations…..

If you buy a VCM (whatever version you fancy) its firmware must match with the ids version you want to use.
For instance you buy a cheap VCM clone made for ids 86. When you upgrade to ids version 91, you need to update the VCM’s firmware…… You can’t do this with (most) the clone; you will break it due to blacklisting or incompatibilities.

So the advice…… For most people: go to the dealer for all the updates and buy a modified elm327 with the free software.
If you really want a VCM; you will have to simply try.

Just be careful – updating a module isn’t simple and if you get it wrong or the IDS your using isn’t up to scratch then you could render the car unusable! Just don’t update all modules at the same time!

You need to support the battery with a support unit rather than a charger to cope with the amount of Amps drawn. If the battery voltage drops below 12v the IDS will drop comms and half way through an update will blank the module.

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