Best V2.13 KTM100 KTAG FW V7.003 ECU Programming Tool

The new K-TAG KTM100 is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way.Recognize vehicle ECU via ID automatically. One button click to charge tokens. Software is more easily to use than any other version. New adds BMW F** and Benz W222 series. Get free gift TITANIUM V1.61 software.

FREE DOWNLOAD: V2.13 KTM100 K-TAG KTAG supported vehicle list
1) Latest version for both software and firmware:
Software Version: V2.13 (New KTM100 software, much better than ordinary Ksuite software)
Hardware Version: V7.003

2) Multi-Language: English, Italian, Portuguese

3)Supported operation system: MOST XP, WIN7 and WIN8.
This software can be installed on most XP and win7 system. For win8 system, we do not test. If your PC does not fit this software and get error when installation, please use our XP english system.

KTAG Connection Picture Display:
What is the difference between all K-TAG:
What is the difference between all K-TAG
KTM100 K-TAG KTAG error solution
Q: After i follow the video install the software. I get prompt “interface connected. Error: [e000079] customer code invalid.” I can see driver on device manager. I turn off internet when i install this software. No anti-virus software too.
A: For this prompt, please check the following: Computer cannot connect the internet. Check driver is installed successfully or not.
Since your first two are all ready, check the TF card on the main unit. Resert it to main unit again. Then this problem will be solved.

What should you pay attention when you use this KTM100:
1) DO NOT USE internet when you use this software.
2) DO NOT update the software or firmware online.
3) DO NOT use anti-virus software.