BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic Tool technical support

Now this BMW ICOM A2 hardware is the new developed version. It supports hareware update from now on.

Part 1: DO NOT copy or crack the Icom software on our HDD.
If you buy our ICOM with our ICOM hdd, or only buy our icom software hdd. DO NOT try to copy or crack our ICOM hdd. Because software is the encrypted version. If you copy it, copied new hdd will have the following prompt and cannot use: “Lock System This software won’t run without a valid license file. Please send you hw-id text to, and you will get license.”
If you do not copy our HDD and meet the prompt ” lock system not working without a valid license”, please install the ahci driver, then ICOM HDD will work normally.

Part 2: When he run icom software on his laptop, it give him this prompt: β€œdatabase version mismach, the found database version are not compatible”? How to do?
Solution: I figure out what wrong with it. Its about the language setting in the ISTA/d, it was set to american English.

2) Recent day one of our customer meet this problem: His BMW ICOM A2 is used for a long time, meet Fiber head does not work when it is hot, then change this TPS3820 chip and solve this problem:

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