VVDI MB BGA Tool 2.0.2 Free Download

(Dec. 16th, 2015) Original VVDI MB BGA key programmer 2.0.2 is released. Here, obd2express offer software download.

Free download vvdi mb tool 2.0.2:

Contents included:
vvdi mb tool 2.0.2 - VVDI MB BGA Tool 2.0.2 Free Download
Update information:
*** 2015-12-14
Require firmware V2.0.0
===== BENZ V2.0.3 =====
1. Password calculation: Read EIS under OBD mode will check car power automatically. Avoid lost data in EIS.
vvdi mb tool 2.0.2 password calculation - VVDI MB BGA Tool 2.0.2 Free Download
*** 2015-12-13
Require firmware V2.0.0
===== BENZ V2.0.2 =====
1. Support prepare key file with v11 format

*** 2015-12-12
Require firmware V2.0.0
===== BENZ V2.0.1 =====
1. VVDI-MB TOOL released verison
2. For the detail please view user manual(Menu->Options->User Manual)

*** Test Version
VVDI-MB TOOL V1.0.3 Public test version
VVDI-MB TOOL V1.0.2 Beta test version
VVDI-MB TOOL V1.0.1 Beta test version

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