BMW ICOM A2 Emulator, or INPA K+DCAN cable?

One BMW car for one ICOM? NO! Many fresh BMW owners are new to vehicle diagnosis and have incorrect opinions that ICOM is the most ideal scanner. Here are some suggestion for some new to BMW repair.

If you just want to scan for faults, clear them and do diagnostics and maybe some light coding you don’t need an ICOM. A K+DCAN cable is good enough with either BMW Standard Tools or BMW Rheingold. But this is mainly for cars from 1998 to 2008, some new cars also.

Good K+Dcan inpa cables: (click the pic for more detail)
K+DCAN cable-pcb board--1 K+DCAN cable-pcb board--2
Bad K+Dcan cable:
Dead On Arrival-side-3 Dead On Arrival-side-4
RHEINGOLD is ISTA-D and runs natively on windows with K+DCAN interface. It’s very good dealer diagnostic software. Pretty much does every function you’d ever need.

ICOM emulator is really needed when updating software on the vehicle where a stable and reliable connection is required over several hours. Almost all BMW cars are listed in, both old and new.

BMW ICOM A2+B+C scanner:
BMW ICOM A2+B+C scanner-5