Package offer KESS V2 Plus K-TAG plus Fgtech galletto V54

KESS V2 Plus K-TAG plus Fgtech galletto V54 package offer save 10EUR
KESS V2,KTAG,FGTECH Galletto ,choose any 2 one,we will give you promotion in below link:
KESS V2 plus FGTECH Galletto V54 ECU programmer package offer save 9EUR

KESS V2 plus K-TAG ECU programmer save 16.4EUR

Package offer for software V2.13 K-TAG FW V6.070 +V2.13 KESS V2 FW V4.036

Top 4 reasons to choose KESS V2:
1) Multi-Language: English, Intalian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
2) With anti-tone module, work part encrypted ECUs and more new ECUs.
3) With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.
4) Updatable software. Software is updated via email.

All in all, Kess V2 is a successful tuner and its price is very affordable. Choose Kess V2, everything of your work will become easy.

Top 5 reasons to choose FGTECH Galletto V54:
1) Support more system:
Supported system including windows xp, vista, win7, more friendly than Fgtech v53, much easier to operate. If you still worried about the software installation, you can buy our laptop package offer.
2) Multi-language:
Supported Language: Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Czech, Turkish
3) More friendly for laptop:
Compared with V53 software, V54 software is more friendly for laptop. Do not have much requirement for laptop. Easy to install on most laptop. No need activation. Directly install the software and use. DO NOT update the software (You can disconnect the internet when use to avoid this)
4) Hardware updated to new version.
5) Supported: K-line, CANBUS, BDM

Top 3 reasons to choose K-TAG:
1) Supported: K-TAG, bdm, BOOT, K-line, CANBUS and so on.
2) Updateable software: software is updated via Email
3) Universal ECU programmer. Can be used to read and write most ECUs in the market