Ford km/ mileage correction key programming with a knock-off

Sounds there are so many knock-offs like TOYOTA MINI VCI, MVCI, BMW K+DCAN interface…but no good “One Stop Electronics” cable for Ford cars?

—Reply at OBDexpress:
We OBDexpress have a new FORD OBD cable for odometer/mileage correction and key programming also, of high-quality printed circuit board, with easy installation, for most Ford cars. This is better than FORD KM TOOL for USA Ford.
FORD OBD cable-1
high-quality printed circuit board
high-quality printed circuit board-2
high-quality printed circuit board-3
Easy installation
Video guide:!8h1SWQgQ
Go to disk F: FORD OBD TOOL, to copy folder Ford-OBD to Desktop.
Extract .rar files driver and FORD OBD.

Install FORD OBD
Go to extracted folder FORD OBD->FORD OBD->FORD OBD.exe
Select Install….(Advanced) to go on.
Tick on Include this location in the search, click Browse.
Select Desktop/Ford-OBD/driver to go on.
Click Finish for successful installation of software for STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port.
Go to Computer Management.
Select Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT)->STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM4).
Then you can run FORD OBD
Again, open FORD OBD.exe
Prompt: No device found for COM 1. Click OK.
Select Port->STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM4).
And click About for FORD OBD version and hardware ID.
Then do the km change or key programming as you want.

Vehicle coverage
Focus <.2007
Focus 2007+
Focus2 Restyle 2008+
Focus3 2011+
C-Max <.2007
C-Max 2007+
C-Max 2008+
C-Max color
C-Max 2011+
S-Max <.2007
S-Max 2007+
S-Max 2008+
S-Max color
Galaxy 2006+
Galaxy 2007+
Galaxy 2008+
Galaxy color
Mondeo 2007+
Mondeo 2008+
Mondeo 2010+
Mondeo color
Mondeo 2010+
Fiesta 2006+
Fiesta 2008+
Connect 2007+