V2.13 KTAG K-TAG V6.070 firmware ECU Programming Tool does not Work

Everything installed right. In the menu nothing is available/black. “Info”-Button: there are no numbers, etc. Please look at the attached picture .
Sorry to tell you the KTAG ECU does not work,Also ECM Titanium is not included.

What now? What is wrong? Can you email software to update or repair KTAG?

When met this problems, we usually offer three solutions
First of all, confirm the hardware is from us or not. Customer need to send pic of the QC mark.

Secondly,Change a TF card. Format tf card and then copy the software again.

Thirdly,refresh tokens file.

What should you pay attention when you use this K-TAG:
1) DO NOT USE internet when you use this software.
2) DO NOT update the software or firmware online.
3) DO NOT use anti-virus software.
4) This one support most ECUs like original. But it does not mean support all ECUs the same as original or support ECUs for all vehicles. This one still have many ECUs does not support.

More information:http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/best-k-tag-ecu-programming-tool-master-version.html