New Genius KTouch on Win 7 Notebook (Review)

This is the New Genius/ K-touch experience from the user Nunge.

Today I install in windows 7 1/8 notebook program ktouch can running

7/8 notebook can not running

but I export file in k-touch to PC

1 extrack header

2 not extrack header

and tunning with winos and ecm titanium original save and export file

original have 768.365 kb

tuning file export have 768.000 kb

I import tuning file to ktouch many file and go to writing many tuning file to car = car can not to start engine light show dtc read p0601

after selecting stock file to writing, car can start and running ok.

extrack header originalfile > tuning can import to ktouch

Do not extrack header original file > tuning finish can not import to ktouch and warning checksum error
new-genius-review-1 new-genius-review-2 new-genius-review-3 new-genius-review-4 new-genius-review-5

Files for sharing:
* For Windows XP users,

* For win 7 user s,
Firstly download
Then download application “raceloc.dll” which is used to solve the Fatal error.


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