2016.3 ICOM A2 Rheingold ISTA+ New Features

This is the update information of ICOM A2 B C with latest 2016.3 software ISTA+ for BMW vehicles to the 2016 year.

Software version
ISTA-D 3.54.12

New feature 1
ISTA+ as the new name
ISTA+ is the new name of ICOM software, instead of ISTA-D (Rheingold)

New feature 2
Add 2016 7 series G11, G12 cars
2016-ISTA+-update-2 2016-ISTA+-update-3 2016-ISTA+-update-4
(G12 new models)
(740Li EUR, USA)
(740Li EUR)

New feature 3
Support BMW made in USA.
BMW USA cannot be supported at BMW 4S shop, so these BMW cars made in USA can only be diagnosed and programmed with 2016 ISTA+ with icom a2.

For 2016 ISTA+ update,
For 2016 ICOM A2 with ista+,


v20163-icom-ssds-2 v20163-icom-ssds-3 v20163-icom-ssds-4 v20163-icom-ssds-5 v20163-icom-ssds-6 v20163-icom-ssds-7 v20163-icom-ssds-8


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