Ford Land Rover VCM II Clone PCB Review

Hello, guys. Share VCM 2 purchase exprience with you all here. I bought clone vcm at obd2express (SP177-G)… I have to say, too many types of vcm from China, some for two vehicles & some for one only, some with wifi & some not, some of Quality A & some not…. Finally, decided to buy SP177-G there, for Ford S-Max 2006 and Land Rover F-Type. The vendor said it’s the best one.

See my VCM 2 PCB here
I don’t know much about PCB, bu posted them on forums. The review is okay.

Last week, i used vcm 2 + IDS 98 to diagnosis first on S-Max 2006.
an error message popped up:
U2101:00 2B-IPC
Beschreibung – U2101
Steuergeratekongfiguration ist nicht kompatibel
Fehlertyp – 00
Zu diesem DTC liegen keine zusatzlichen Fehlertyp-informationon VDF
Satus – 2B (Aktueller DTC)
Fehler ist momentan prasent
Diagnoseprotokoll – 14229
Schaitfache Hilfe l fur zusatzliche information liber die …

(U2101: 00 2B-IPC
Description – U2101
ECU configuration is incompatible
Error type – 00
are for this DTC no additional error type informationon VDF
Satus – 2B (Current DTC)
Error is currently prasent
Diagnostic Log – 14229
Schaitfache Help l for additional information liber the …)
vcmii-ids-98-programming-ford-s-max (7)
And yesterday,  help test my friend’s Mondeo 2011 MY
I reprogrammed PCM module with the post
Also ok.