Why to buy China MVCI firmware 1.4.8 for Toyota, Honda, Volvo

If you use MVCI v1.4.8 hardware, you risk your tool. For MVCI genuine is v1.4.7.

But, as for v1.4.8 China produced, 1.4.8 version should work well with most things, there no real reason to upgrade unless you sell it and want the highest numbers

MVCI 1.4.8 Driver:

Good PCB also guarantees its quality.
China MVCI performs well:
in Diagnostics, Reprogramming, Active tests
for most 1996 and newer Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles with OBDII/DLC3 diagnostics
also compatible with SAE J2534, but not full

It is ok cheap tool from some guys to fix is old cars , if you want more coverage and buy a better j2534 tool .

Feedback on CM update (ECU Rewrite) not work with XHorse HDS system
“Version 1.4.8 Xhorse 3in1 works fine with HDS diagnosis. But the problem is that it cannot read the modules if they need a firmware update or not. So the CM update (ECU Rewrite) does not work with XHorse just the Honda Diagnostic System.

However I have found a solution. The X-Horse can work as a passthrough (passthru) device in windows XP only (due to the absence of windows x64 drivers though I have not tested vista x32). So download the free Honda Pass-Thru Reprogramming (J2534) software fromhttp://aftermarket.ahmhds.com/J2534_Dist.exe. Latest version is 4.9.

So you can still update Honda Control Module firmwarers with X-horse as a pass through device and Honda J2534 Reprogramming Software. Note Select GNA600 and your region.”