(Fixed) BMW E90 errors Winkpf errors after update MRS

This post starts with the errors that I have in MRS (airbags and seatbelts) after I updated MRS module using WinKpf. Finally I got it fixed, how to do? Go on reading following parts.

Tool I use:
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What I did:
I updated MRS module using WinKpf

I have errors in MRS (airbags and seatbelts), I used tool32 (sfz.prg / systemzeit_starten) but no luck. I’ve heard that is possible to reset system time using ISTA/D to fix it. But I couldn’t find it.
I updated CAS because of error with ELV steering blocks problem. And after that I wanted to update rest of module.
I’ve heard that I should use NCS to coding new version of MRS.
errors in MRS
Finally, Solved!!!
It’s working properly, I’ve done:
Detei-> Profil laden -> Expert mode -> VIN/ZCS/FA ->ZCS/Fa f. ECU -> E89 -> CAS -> BACK -> Process ECU -> ABG -> (SG Codieren) Excute job.
Note: It doesn’t matter if you choose CAS or FRM, very important is expert mode profile. Once you load this, go for updated module and choose job sg_codieren. It wil code module to factory data setup.