OEM Orange5 V1.34 add MC68HC908GR16A Renesas NEC only €237

OEM Orange5 V1.34 professional programming device for ECU tuners is newly released at obdexpress.co.uk.

OEM Orange5 programmer outstanding features at the following aspects:
1) Packed with all packet adapters and free of charge, no need pay additional money. (As for detailed package display, I will show at the end of this paragraph).
2) Newly cover Renesas, NEC and newest version ELV MC68HC908GR16A[4L35K] and MC68HC908GR16A[0M76Z] decryption, for detailed EEPROM and MCU models covered by ORANGE 5 Programmers, just press “Ctrl+ F” and input the model to search result at:
3) Cost only €229 + shipping cost.

OEM Orange 5 programmer Basic informs:
1) Language available: English and Russian
2) Software version: V1.34
3) Update: Please do not update it otherwise it will get damaged.

Orange 5 Programmer what can do?
Works with any COM port, including virtual ones from 1 to 20
Covers text (ASCII) and HEX mode
Creating a list of commands that allows editing and fast sending
Fine-tuning the exchange rate
Saving files including command and port settings.
Saving incoming data in binary files
File transfer via serial port.
Delay settings for bytes and blocks
“Echo” mode
Delay settings between incoming data
Management of DTR, RTS chains, visualizing DSR, CTS, CD, RI
Allow Orange5 programmer in emulation mode

OEM Orange5 programmer installation:
1) Engineer test Orange5 ok on nearly all operation system (OS): Windows XP, Win7 and Win8
2) Orange5 programmer is windows-based, how to install and use it to read write ECU data?
go on watching video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn4JEq0A6WY

Feature: Program need not to be installed, but only need to install driver then directly open the program to run.

OEM Orange5 programmer detailed package list:
Orange-5 programmer 1
Power adapter 1
USB cable 1
In circuit wire 10
SOIC8/DIP8 Expert adapter 1
SOIC8/DIP8 adapter 1
SOIC8_14_93Cxx adapter 1
Lead with clips SOIC8 & DIP8 1
Adapter 05L28/05B 1
Adapter 908AS60/AZ60 QFP64 1
Adapter 68HC(7)05P3/E6 1
Adapter 05B/X_705B/X QFP64 V2 1
Adapter 11PA8/11E9 QFP64 1
Adapter 68HC05H12 1
Adapter 68HC11EA9 1
Adapter 908AS60 1
Adapter 9S12Dxx 1
Adapter 912Dxx 1
Adapter 9S12X 1
Adapter 912B32 QFP80 1
Adapter 68HC11F1 1
Adapter 68HC11L6 1
Adapter 68HC11KA4 1
Lead 11E9(20) with power 1
Lead for EWS3 mask 0D46J 1
Adapter TMS374C003A 1
Adapter MSP430F 1
Adapter 68HC11KA4 PLCC68 1
Adapter 908JL 1
Adapter PCF7941 1
Adapter 9S12XE 1