Original Renault-Volvo PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) with visfeed for free

Multilanguage Original Renault-Volvo PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) is authorized to offer at obdexpress.co.uk for only $350 free shipping and with visfeed for free of charge. Besides you are free to receive shipping CD and install software with our engineer full support.

Following parts are all about PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) details, hope it make you feel exciting.

Database: development or standard
PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) database is development. BTW, for the standard database please refer to PTT 2.04.55 (Item No. SS167-D).
PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus(ACPI+) newer options:
Can perform function EURO5/EURO6 Programming
Add new option for filter control unit and parameter group.

You are free to install software:
The software is sent to the end-user by email which avoid CD damaged and the supplier engineer online install software with full support.
The operation system it tested ok including Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Following truck diagnostic devices are verified working fine with:
Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300), Renault Diagnostic Kit (88840133), MACK Diagnostic Kit (RP1210) and UD Diagnostic Kit (RP1210)

Language available:
28 multi-languages available.
ptt v2.2 language
What function PTT v2.2 Developer Tool can perform:
Generally speaking, PTT v2.2 Developer Tool can perform function including Chassis ID Change, immobilizer ON/OFF, injector programming and speed Limit programming.
E.g. following specific function is what PTT v2.2 Developer Tool can work:
1. Access and program parameters of ANY Level without any restrictions for APCI database;
2. Edit parameter access, policy, presentation settings for APCI Plus database;
3. Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: speed limit;
4. Developer Tool for editing APCI parameters (VERSION2 and older el. system trucks);
5. Developer Tool Plus for editing APCI Plus parameters (VERSION3, VERSION4 el. system trucks);
6. Mack Developer Tool for editing V-MAC I/II/III/ITC parameters

Following 2 pictures display a little part of function: