How to Use XTOOL PS201 Heavy Duty OBD2 Code Reader?

XTOOL PS201 is a portable code reader for heavy duty OBD2 which is compact in structure, pleasing in appearance and reasonable in price. With XTOOL PS201, it’s very convenient for users to read DTCS from ECU promptly and find out fault point and reason through looking up the code list. This product is suitable for garage work as well as personal users to know the running state of ECU at any time.

What XTOOL PS201 is mainly used to do?
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.

3 steps to use XTOOL PS201 read clear trouble codes (DTCs)?
Check following steps:
1.When the Check Engine Light turn on, you should pull over and pull handbrake first, and start engine, then insert this code reader into OBD 16 pin port (generally the standard OBD port locates in the bottom of one side of the dashboard).
2.The screen will show car brand first, following the tip choose car type or protocol to go to next step. If there are DTCS in ECU, they will be showed one by one, if not, there will be [– — — — ] on sreen. This process will be repeated.
3.If there are DTCS in ECU, they will be showed one by one, after that you can press the DTCS clearing button to clear those codes. If not, those codes will be kept at ECU storage.

Note: The Xtool PS201 work in 11V~28V voltage, please make sure the diagnostic socket on your vehicle export 11V~28V voltage.

For more details on Xtool PS201 vehicle coverage, compatible coverage and how to one-by-one read clear trouble codes. You may agree user manual is informed: