Volvo Vida 2014D Patch Error: tskill.exe is not recognized

This is a customer feedback on VOLVO 2014D Super Dice Pro+ and engineer suggestion of how to solve Vida 2014D patch error “tskill.exe is not recognized”.


Symptom description:

When i installed Vida 2014 Patch, the system prompted “tskill.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command or operable program or batch file”. When click the “Vida all” icon, it will display a blank page and then show the following message:

VOLVO 2014D Super Dice Pro patch error 600x330 - Volvo Vida 2014D Patch Error: tskill.exe is not recognized
Analysis from engineers at obdexpress:

Possible reasons:

– you might not well install VIDA DICE 2014D; i mean, the installation before installing patch.

– your system cannot support 2014d vida

– your 2014d software is not in local disk C:


Thus, VOLVO VIDA DiCE 2014D must install in local disk C: on Windows 7 Professional operating system.

How to install 2014D Super Dice Pro+:

Main steps:
Step 1: Install wrar362
Step 2: Install IE9
Step 3: Install VIDA 2014D setup
Step 4: Install VIDA 2014 Patch
Step 5: Install Volvo Dice driver
Step 6: Run VIDA Self Test & Diagnose cars


Step 1: Install wrar362
Open and install wrar362 Setup

Click “Select all” and “OK”
Press “Done”


Step 2: Install IE9 browser
Install IE9 browser
Select “Ignore any programs” and press “Continue”

Internet Explorer 9 now is installed, restart the computer


Step 3: Install VIDA 2014 setup
Open VIDA 2014D CD or software folder
Open Patch VIDA 2014-A-B-C-D

Copy 2014A.exe to desktop

Open “Install” folder
Open “DVD” folder
Open “Vida_dvdheader”

Open “Main” folder
Open and install “Setup”

Select “VIDA All-in-one”

Select software language

Press “Next”
Press “Next”
Accept license agreement
Install VIDA InstallShield Wizard
Choose Vida Configurator Location to “Internet”, press “Save”
Close the configuration results popup
Close Vida Configurator

VIDA setup wizard is completed. Select “No, I will restart my computer later” and press “Finish”


Step 4: Install VIDA 2014 Patch
Open 2014A.exe on desktop
Click “Install” to install Volvo VIDA 2014A Patch

Allow windows security alert
Restart the computer!!!


Step 5: Install Volvo DiCE driver
Open “VIDA All-In-One” software on desktop
Enter Username “1”, click on “LOG IN”

Connect the Vida DiCE interface with computer via USB port
The system will automatically install driver
DiCE-206751@000000000000 device driver has installed successfully


Step 6: Run VIDA Self Test & Diagnose cars


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