XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1 HONDA HDS software Installation Guide

Original XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1 TOYOTA TIS+HONDA HDS+VOLVO DICE is a high perfomance factory diagnose tool for TOYOTA TIS,here is HONDA HDS software Installation Guide for XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1.

Main steps:
1.Install HONDA HDS
2.Install MVCI Driver

Below is a detailed instructions for software Installation step by step:

1. Install HONDA HDS
Double-click Setup to start installation
Install HONDA HDS-1
Click Next
Click Yes
Select USA, then Click Next
Install HONDA HDS-2
Select GNA600, then Click Next
Install HONDA HDS-3
Click OK
Install HONDA HDS-4
Click Finish
Install HONDA HDS-5

2. Install MVCI Driver
Click Next
Install MVCI Driver-6
Select installation folder, then click Next
Install MVCI Driver-7
Click Install to begin installation
Install MVCI Driver-8

Select Continue Anyway
Install MVCI Driver-9
Click Finish to exit installation
Install MVCI Driver-10
Q: After install MVCI HDS Program on Windows XP, it can read the DTC code, but it fails to clear DTC.
A:There are 3 possible reasons cause this problem:
1) There is a poor contact between the USB interface and the computer. Check your connection.
2) MVCI HDS driver is not successfully installed. See our video and check your driver installation.
3) MVCI doesn’t work with your car model.

Q: I installed MVCI HDS software, and the green light flashes, the MVCI is activated, then I click the “select car model” button, MVCI starts to test, then proceed to the window of mileage and car model selection, I go on enter the list of subsystem and choose the subsystem, no response, all the PGM light, ABS light and SRS light flash, but Honda software prompts “No communication, please check whether the key is insert or MVCI is connected”
A: you can enter into the list of subsystem, it means MVCI can work, but it has no response after select the subsystem, it means MVCI can’t work with this car model, advice you select the other car model to diagnose or advice you use Honda HDS, GNA600 to diagnose Honda, HDS and GNA600 is best Honda diagnostic tool.