08.2016 BMW ICOM A2 ISPI ETK Parts Catalog Free Download

Free download 2016.08 BWW ETK electronic parts catalog on Windows XP for the  latest information on spare parts and accessories of machines and motorcycles.


Free download BMW_ISPI_ETK_08_2016.ziphttps://mega.nz/#!GssQXKoA!L_MByZVsoXNX6Il_3a4q59SWVEdgs4taBK5BRfCvGTw (unknown security, time limited)

BMW ETK 04.2016


(Never expire, cracked, no pass)


Safe BMW ETK is also available in BMW software ISTA-D 3.55.31 ISTA-P

to work together with ICOM A2 or ICOM A3 pro+ for diagnosis or programming



You are advised to install BWW ETK electronic parts catalog 2016.08 on Windows XP as follows:

Step 1 – Open ETK_04_2016.iso

Insert BMW ETK disk BMW2016 E:, then open it

Copy “ETK_04_2016.rar” to lock disk D: and unzip there

Open DAEMON Tool Lite on Desktop

Add image: Local disk d:/ETK_04_2016.iso

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (1)

Mount “ETK_04_2016.iso”

Internet explorer: active content…. Select NO

2016.04 BMW ETK information

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (2)


Step 2 – Install ETK 2016.04

Open ETK_04_2016 F:

Open “setup”

Select ETK setup language

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (3)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (4)

Click Next to install ETK

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (5)

Next *3

Being setup…

Port selection

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (6)

Properties: select “Use the US interface”, then ok

Follow the screenshots to do the selection.

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (7)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (8)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (9)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (10)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (11)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (12)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (13)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (14)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (15)

Step 3 – Load parts data

Select CD-ROM drive

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (16)

Wait and spare parts is being loaded…

Parts data have been read

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (17)


Step 4 – Run BMW ETK

Open ETK (local) on Desktop

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (18)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (19)

Close BMW ETK 3.1.30


Step 5 – Run ETK Admin

Open ETK Admin on Desktop

Go to Extras->language.. to select a language

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (22)

Close ETK Admin tool





Thanks for OBD2EXPRESS tech support

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