08.2016 BMW ICOM A2 ISPI ETK Parts Catalog Free Download

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (10)

Free download 2016.08 BWW ETK electronic parts catalog on Windows XP for the  latest information on spare parts and accessories of machines and motorcycles.


Free download BMW_ISPI_ETK_08_2016.ziphttps://mega.nz/#!GssQXKoA!L_MByZVsoXNX6Il_3a4q59SWVEdgs4taBK5BRfCvGTw (unknown security, time limited)

BMW ETK 04.2016


(Never expire, cracked, no pass)


Safe BMW ETK is also available in BMW software ISTA-D 3.55.31 ISTA-P

to work together with ICOM A2 or ICOM A3 pro+ for diagnosis or programming



You are advised to install BWW ETK electronic parts catalog 2016.08 on Windows XP as follows:

Step 1 – Open ETK_04_2016.iso

Insert BMW ETK disk BMW2016 E:, then open it

Copy “ETK_04_2016.rar” to lock disk D: and unzip there

Open DAEMON Tool Lite on Desktop

Add image: Local disk d:/ETK_04_2016.iso

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (1)

Mount “ETK_04_2016.iso”

Internet explorer: active content…. Select NO

2016.04 BMW ETK information

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (2)


Step 2 – Install ETK 2016.04

Open ETK_04_2016 F:

Open “setup”

Select ETK setup language

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (3)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (4)

Click Next to install ETK

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (5)

Next *3

Being setup…

Port selection

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (6)

Properties: select “Use the US interface”, then ok

Follow the screenshots to do the selection.

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (7)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (8)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (9)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (10)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (11)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (12)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (13)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (14)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (15)

Step 3 – Load parts data

Select CD-ROM drive

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (16)

Wait and spare parts is being loaded…

Parts data have been read

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (17)


Step 4 – Run BMW ETK

Open ETK (local) on Desktop

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (18)2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (19)

Close BMW ETK 3.1.30


Step 5 – Run ETK Admin

Open ETK Admin on Desktop

Go to Extras->language.. to select a language

2016.08-BMW-etk-3.1.30-setup (22)

Close ETK Admin tool





Thanks for OBD2EXPRESS tech support

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