How to install WIFI VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 ODIS 3.0.3

Obd2express engineer today verified that ODIS 3.0.3 is tested working well with WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054. Here the installation instruction is to share with all users.


Equipment: VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054



Software version: ODIS 3.0.3


OS requirement: Windows 7 (both 32 bits and 64 bits is ok)

Notice: 1. System C has to be NTFS format

  1. C: // need to have at least 40GB space for installing ODIS


ODIS 3.0.3 installation instruction:

Step1: Double click OffboardDiagnosticSetup-Service_3_0_3 application to run software ODIS 3.0.3. The interface shown below:


Step2: Choose the language you want and click “OK” to continue.


Step3: Just click “next” until the interface (shown below) appears and choose “Browse”,


Return to previous menu, choose “02.Patch License”, open license.dat, wait for a while

Click on “Finish” to complete setup.VXDIAG-VCX-NANO-03-02

Note: No need to restart of your computer.


Step4: Return to previous menu, choose “02.Patch License”, copy OffboardFiagLaunch and right click the icon on desktop , open file location and paste it to replace OffboardFiagLaunch application. This step finished yet.VXDIAG-VCX-NANO-04-01

Choose “Copy and Replace


Step5: Run ODIS 3.0.3 on desktop


According to four steps shown below to change URL (the file is called “update”), input the User name and Keyword to continue.

Note: Both the User name and Keyword are “abc



Setup Postsetup 9.3.10, this step will cost you about 1 hour.


The main interface of WIFI VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 ODIS 3.0.3:


Step6. Softing Vehicle Interface setup: VAS 5054


Step7. Run ODIS 3.0.3 for diagnosis on 3C Passat sedan 2007

      Click ”Starting diagnosis” on the bottom of the main interface.


Select “Control Module List” and continue to next step.


Select Model ”3C-Passat 2006>”

Version ”Sedan”

Engine “BLX 2.0L Motronic /110kW” and click ” Apply” to go on.


Choose “No RO” to continue.


Select “DTC memory list” and incidents all spread out yet. (pictures shown below)