Multi-language VAG CAN PRO can work diagnosis, coding and programming is verified to clone VAG CAN PRO can work as the original does,like diagnosis, coding and programming.

part 1 :about VAG CAN PRO

Q:Can VAG CAN PRO support Danish ?

A:Yes!and this tool can support English, Cestina, Danish,German,Hrvatski,Itanlian, Dutcj,Polish,Russian, Spanish also well .

Q: Is the VAG CAN PRO a full version?

A: yes, it’s VAG CAN full kit.

Q: Does clone vag can supports coding and programming?

A: definitely yes. The VAG CAN PRO at obd2express can do coding and programming as the original.

Moreover, the clone doesn’t need engineer codes for coding or programming, while the genuine needs it.

Q: Does it support UDS protocol?

A: yes. It supports CAN BUS, UDS, K-line.

Part 2 :about VAG CAN PRO vs VAS 5054A vs VCDS

5054a ODIS is OEM, so it fully supports every VAG model, but it’s slow and you need online connection for being able to do a lot of things.

VCDS is super fast, best to read DTC’s and do basic stuff and some coding, but it doesn’t work well with new MQB platform.

VCP is little bit a mix of those, reads DTC fast, every feature is done offline, and work very well with MQB.

Part 3: VAG CAN PRO VPC 5.5.1 vs VAG-COM VCDS:

VCDS and VAG CAN PRO + K are very close level features (there is also a small resemblance in the software interface of the two).

VCDS is the best known and most used of the two, so you more easily find topics on speaking forums VCDS that VAG CAN PRO + K.

diagnostic Level, VCDS exceeds VAG cAN PRO + K, even if it progresses from version to version.

coding level, some encodings are sometimes not possible with VCDS then they are with VAG CAN PRO + K (RLFS coding, coding ESP, also VIM coding which is a “specialty” of VAG CAN PRO + K).

more anecdotally, sometimes with some encodings require VCDS resume it several times before it is taken into account by the vehicle, while with VAG CAN PRO + K it works 1 shot.

the VAG CAN + K PRO software has a list of predefined functions, kinds of shortcuts to quickly do some actions without knowing the value of adaptation or corresponding coding.

It also has a backup feature and flashing the entire contents of a computer, that does not have the VCDS software.

prices level, it’s a little more complicated for VAG CAN PRO + K.

in official, there is a price to pay (€ 306.27) for the purchase of the interface (this price includes free updates for 1 year), there is a price to pay (50 € per year) for 1 year annual subscription to updates and there are also 3 price to pay to activate each of the three following additional features:

flash EDC-16 (65 €),

ESP coding (95 €),

access to all files for VIM coding on various VAG vehicles (105 €).

(it is rare, but the VAG CAN + K PRO interface is also in clone / unofficial 3 with additional features enabled, clone VAG CAN PRO for nearly 45€ from

VAG CAN + K PRO interface 1

VAG CAN + K PRO interface 2

VAG CAN + K PRO interface 3

VAG CAN + K PRO interface 4

VAG CAN + K PRO interface 5

VAG CAN + K PRO interface 6

Part 4 :Description:

Firmware: clone version VAG CAN PRO

Software: version 5.5.1

VAG CAN PRO 5.5.1 update news:

Support for new addresses entered in the MLB-Evo platform

Update database-ODX (support for all models 2015)

How to users think of VAG CAN PRO diagnosis?

** Audi A4 8E B6 owner says:

This model has a can-bus (TP1.6), but it is not connected to the diagnostic socket. The car is fully diagnosed on the K-line (VCP required interface + K). Used protocols KWP2000 and KWP1281 it.

** Audi A4 8E, B7 owner says:

This model has a CAN BUS TP2.0, but the diagnostic socket is only connected to the so-called CAN-Antrieb, i.e. Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, Quattro drive.

In addition, a standard K-line. In other words, VCP fully supports the diagnosis B7 models, but only in the CAN-Antrieb. Other controllers are available through the K-Line and KWP2000 KWP1281 protocols.

** Mike talks about differences between VAG CAN PRO (VCP) and VCDS:

I have both, and can say with absolute certainty that VCP does NOT replace VCDS in any way.

VAG CAN Commander is a tool used to retrieve and modify information from the program area of the ECU.

VCDS will give full access to all control modules in the car for diagnostic purposes. It will not allow you to modify the program memory of any ECU. Having said that, VCDS does allow you to “code” a module – selecting different factory installed options. All diagnostic procedures performed by the factory tool at the dealer can be performed using the VCDS tool. In fact, the tool design is made to conform with the same terminology used on the factory tool so that factory repair information can be used with the VCDS tool.

s on your PC. VCDS only supports the functions built into the modules that were intended by the designers for diagnosing problems and effecting repair of those problems.

What functions has been TESTED OK by obd2express engineers?

* Unique features OCLF service procedures (One-Click-Function);

* inexpensive flasher for VAG;

* inexpensive flasher with support UDS controllers;

* ESP MK60EC1 decision coding blocks;

* a tool for a complete diagnosis MQB platform (Golf VII, Octavia III) Support to 01.2013;

* ZDC-loading containers in the electronic components;

* Unlock video in motion (VIM) on the MQB platform (Discover Pro and MMI-MQB);

* Coding controllers for PR-codes;

* “Login finder” – allows you to scan and logins in the CAN controllers UDS;

* Support for the new Polo in 2014 Facelift;

* Support for the new Passat B8;

* Full support of Audi TT-3 on the platform of the IBC;

* Full support for Skoda Fabia III

What models can be supported?

The VCP Scanner support CAN BUS + UDS + K-Line for diagnostics and programming of electronic components used in vehicles Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, made from 1990 to 2015.


A2 2009-

A3 8P 2003-

A3 – platform MQB-

A4 model 8E wariant B7 (Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, park) 2005-

A4 model 8K wariant B8 (UDS + TP2.0) 2008-

A5 model 8K (UDS) 2007-

A6 model 4F 2004-

A8 model 4E 2003-

Q3 (UDS) 2010-

Q5 (UDS) 2008-

Q7 (TP2.0 + UDS) 2006-

S5 model 8K

(R)S6 model 4F

R8 (UDS)

TT model 8J 2007-


Sprinter (VW Crafter) – – Only the engine and immobilizer



Leon MQB 2013-

Leon model 1P 2005-

Toledo model 5P 2004-

Exeo 2008- (Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, park)


octavia model 1Z 2004 –

octavia platform MQB –

superb II B6 2008-

fabia model 5J 2007-

yeti 2009-


Crafter (immobilizer, engine)

Caddy model 2K 2005-


Golf V model 1K

Golf VI model 5K

Golf VII platform MQB

Golf Plus

Jetta II model 1K

Transporter / Multivan (Only after the CAN-BUS drive for storing data)

Multivan/Transporter GP model 7E (UDS) 2009-

Passat B6 model 3C 2005-

Passat CC-

Phaeton GP 2007-

Polo model 6R 2009-

Polo FL MQB 2014-

Scirocco III-



Touareg GP 2007-

Touareg NF 2010