K Suite v2.28 software 100% working with Kess V2 clone

This week, engineers working for obd2express has verified that K Suite software v2.25- v2.28 can work NO ISSUES with Kess V2 master clone.


Kess v2 v2.28:

kess-v2-v2-28 kess-v2-ksuite-v2-28

Workable device:

Ksuite v2.28 is only tested on Kess v2 master with Item No. se87, se87-e, se87-c, se87-k, se87-ck at obdexpress.co.uk

For other kess v2 firmware, try on your own risk.


V2.28 Kess v2 price:

€58 – €110

Kess v2 price differs from items & quality from different factories at http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/search/?q=kess+v2


kess v2 software download:



kess v2 car list:



kess v2 review: